Delicious and nutritious

This is one of the questions we are sometimes asked… “What sets you apart from all other farms that sell natural, grass fed beef?”

The answer is simple: Nutrition.

Almost all organic/natural farms prioritize no use of chemical, which, to us, is just a secondary focus, it’s a no-brainer. Our main focus is raising nutrient dense meat starting with the grasses we raise. (Really starts with soils, but one step at a time haha)

We know overal that grass fed is more nutritious then grain fed. But, as some of you may have realized, not all grass fed beef is the same. That’s because there’s more to it then just throwing your cow on a patch of grass.

There are many different types of grasses, all with different types of nutrition. Some species of grasses are poor in nutrition and others are high in nutrition . Then there are also different types of soils, all with different levels of nutrition.

My husband closely follows the teachings of William Albrecht, the father of soil science who laid an important link between soil health and human health. Albrecht was laughed at during his time, just like my husband was laughed at when he was a crop advisor when he was a young man. But now we are the ones laughing 😉 . Our hay we feed our cows during the winter is the best there is and our pastures are healthy and thriving. Our cows have long lives and are still raising nice babies at an older age.

Happy, healthy cows are important to us and provides you with a nutrient dense steak on your plate.

*Please share this post. Taking beef orders until April 1st or when we run out. Message Four E Farms to put in a deposit. $3.75/lb for a 1/4 plus butchering fees. Visit for more information.

Nutrient rich hay
mouth-watering steaks

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