Our story

We work on our family farm located in Eastern WA, west of Spokane City.  Ron and Thammy farm together with Ron’s  parents, Ron Sr. and Dawn Ensor. We raise irrigated hay and red angus beef. We have 4 beautiful children, Ronnie (14), Katie (11) and Jolene (5) and Samantha (3).

We have always been committed to growing excellent hay and cattle. We have a strong desire to farm in such a way that our fields and pastures thrive and are fertile for many future generations. As we expanded into raising more hay and cattle,  we started receiving tremendous feedback on our hay. Our hay customers all love our hay and have commented how their horse coats are shinier and their energy levels are excellent. All our cows are also in excellent health and are completely grass fed. In 2017 we made the jump to selling our beef direct to the consumer and haven’t looked back! It just made more sense for them to go to people who truly appreciate the quality and nutrition of our beef.

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