Available Heifers

One of our best heifers. Her momma is a smaller cow that raises a big baby each year. One of the best ones in the heifer pen. Very friendly and will come up to you. With a little attention, she’ll love scratches.

Y 19
Beautiful girl out of one of our favorite cows. Out of the 130 breeding cows, we 1 black angus bloodline left. That’s how nice momma is, we just couldn’t not keep her. This is her 2020 red daughter. Her sire is our bull Thor which can be viewed on our sire’s page Herd Sires – Four E Farms

Y 71

Cute heifer with a pretty head. She will make a very nice cow with a nice conformation, good udder and a nice pelvic for easy calving.

Video of Y 71 first heifer and Y 77, the second heifer. Picture and description of Y 77 will be below.

Y 77

Y 77’s momma is half milking shorthorn. Neighbor’s bull got out and bred our best cow with incredible milk production. We took a gamble on that calf and boy did it pay off. She gives enough milk to feed two calves and weans of nice heavy calves.. We’ve kept 2 of her daughters. This heifer is 75% red angus, 25% shorthorn. Naturally polled and will have excellent milk production and nice calves. Her sire is our top bull Thor Herd Sires – Four E Farms. Video can be viewed above, same time as Y 71.

Y 17
This is my favorite heifer of the group. She has excellent conformation and is a looker. She catches my eyes every time. Definitely a keeper.

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