Why Four E Farms Beef

Why Four E Farms Beef?

For 47 years and across three generations we have perfected the art of raising the best beef available.

At Four E Farms we understand

  • Grass fed means more then simply not feeding them grain
    • the type of grass matters
    • the quality of forage matters
    • the biodiversity in the soil matters
  • ALL forage is raised on Four E Farms
    • Never have to source cheaper hay during financially tight years. Always the best of the best for our cows
    • This way we can also guarantee pesticides or herbicides are NEVER used on any hay they eat during the fall and winter
  • No grain and never will
    • We will never offer both grain and grass fed beef to increase our sales. We simply do not believe in graining cattle and we stand by this.
  • Age matters
    • We harvest between 14-24 months old. Our top heifers (young cows) are kept and placed with a bull at 14 months old, the steers and other heifers go to feed American families like yours
    • Animals older then age 2 will only be for ground beef
    • Are we implying most beef is often 2 years old or older? Legally, no.
  • And of course no GMOs, no added hormones, no herbicides, no pesticides, yada-yada
    • Duh, that is a no-brainer
    • We do on occasion use antibiotics ONLY because we do not take a thrill in watching one of our animals suffer but this is very rarely used and generally only when they’re newborns. All animals are healthy and antibiotic free at time of harvest.

So there IS a secret to raising delicious and tender grassfed beef?

YES! Now you’re getting it.
It’s not just about making sure they receive no grain!

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