Four E Farms Info Sheet

Dear Customer

Due to the huge increase in customers, I decided to set up simple info sheet for contact and organ information.

These are not cutting instructions, you will still have to call those in to the butcher once your beef is at the butcher. Please let him know again what organ meat you do want. Cutting instructions are given to the butcher  after he has picked up your meat and I have contacted you with the weight to your beef. (1/4’s are a standard cut).

The last 2 fields are optional. If they are not applicable, simple leave blank. If there are any other organ meats you want, like the spleen, please say so in the comment section. If you would like the hide, head, lower legs, hooves, or stomachs, please let me know and we can make arrangements for you to pick this up at the farm on the day we process the animals (the butcher only cuts and wraps the basic organs).

Thank you so much for your help. *I’m sorry if the submit button is all black, just push that to submit, thank you*


Thank you for supporting your local farm! We hope you will love your beef.
Thammy Ensor

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