Herd Sires

4E Rusty (Rusty)

Rusty as a yearling, no grains!
Rusty as a yearling. Grass fed only!

DOB: March 23, 2018
Sire: Odoherty 4111 (registration #: 1728390 )
Dam: Or 65
Birth weight: 84 lbs

Rusty is out of our top cow, Or 65. Every year Or 65 always brings home the biggest calves off of pasture. Since she usually gives us sons, we finally decided to keep the family jewels on her gorgeous 2018 bull calf. Rusty is just a stunning bull to look at and so calm and gentle. He throws nice solid calves with the same calm disposition. They’ve all had a low birth weight, ranging from 55 lbs to 90 lbs (a bull calf). When we picked our replacement heifers this year, we ended up keeping all the heifers out of him (and we picked the best in conformation and temperament without looking at the lineages! We were trying not be biased). We’re ecstatic to have so many stunning replacement heifers out of our top bloodline!
We will have some of his yearling sons available for 2022 out of our top cows. Only the top ones will get to keep the family jewels.

Odoherty 4111 (Thor)

Thor at 4 years old
Thor as a yearling

DOB: February 24, 2014
Registration #: 1728390
Sire: Odoherty 2236
Dam: Odoherty 2343

Thor is an amazing bull. He bred his last girls in 2020 at age 6, the next spring 19 of his 24 calves were born in the first 21 days, far out performing all the younger bulls we had at the time. His calves have a nice birth weight, thicken fast. When crossed with our best female bloodlines, the results are incredible. He’s the sire of our other top bull, Rusty.

JRD Epiphany 1843 (Jackson)

Jackson, 3 years old

DOB: January 18, 2018
Registration #: 3897965
Sire: Brown Epiphany B111
Dam: VF Juana 1643-2064

We acquired Jackson in 2021. His EPDs are incredible and we are very excited to see his calf crop next year! We hope to offer some of his sons for 2023!

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