“My daughters and I visited Four E Farms in Spring 2019 and both Thammy and Ron were very welcoming. They spent a lot of time with us showing us the whole farm and the cows. Coming from a vegetarian background, the way the animals are treated is very important to us and Ron very thoroughly explained how the cows are cared for and fed. The girls also loved getting to pet the new calves! At our visit we ordered a 1/4 cow and could not be happier with the taste and quality of the meat. This year we plan to order a half!” – Anna Hurd – February 15, 2020

“We purchased 1/4 of a cow from Four E Farms and have never had such tender and tasty beef! When I visited the farm and talked with the Ensor’s I understood why. They have high standards for how they feed and treat their animals. The Cows are well loved and have a very nutritious diet. They live a stress free life and you can tell when you eat the meat! My only regret is that we don’t live close anymore! But we will keep referring friends who are looking for their own local, tender, nutritious beef.” –The Savage Family – July 17, 2017

“Thanks Thammy. And again. The meat is wonderful! And my daughter who loves beef, just can not get enough! It’s hilarious. Also the meat stock I made with the bone is the most gelatinous I’ve ever gotten! My husband Brian and I feel so fortunate to have found you guys. I’m so happy to be feeding my family such high quality food. Thank you for all your efforts. Please tell your husband thank you from us” – Katrina DeVries – June 21, 2018

“My husband and I have tried many different brands of 100% grass fed beef and never been really impressed with it. We knew it was so much healthier for us than store bought, but the texture was always weird and it tasted gamey. We gave it one more chance with Four E Farms and so glad we did! The beef is not gamey, it has a great texture and is so tender! I couldn’t believe how delicious it was with just salt and pepper! My husband was sold also, which was a big win! Thanks for your delicious product!” – Avie Aldendorf – March 5, 2020

“Four E Farms has delicious grass fed beef! We enjoyed grilling the steaks over the summer and cooked them medium rare. It was so tender with a wonderful flavor. We got a quarter cow and have been able to cook up a pound of ground meat weekly for five months. Now that Fall is here we have began to cook the roasts. We are so glad we finally bit the bullet and ordered a quarter cow. It is much more economical than buying grass fed beef at the store and you really know where it is coming from. Thank you Four E Farms for giving your cows a great life and diet <3” – Emily Laning – March 6, 2020

“We bought one of the beef boxes to try since we have limited freezer space. We are blown away with how good the meat is. Typically we have to add lots of seasoning or sauces to the store bought beef we have had in the past. This beef was so good all on its own. We added very minimal seasoning and enjoyed the steaks even without any sauce. Even our young children noticed a difference in how good the beef was. They usually won’t eat much of the store bought beef but have been asking for more of the Four E Farms beef. Beyond the flavor having the peace of mind that us and our young children are not getting all the dyes and hormones of the commercial meat. I know with Four E Farms the beef is high quality and raised in a caring way” – Kat Banford – August 1, 2021

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