Locker Beef Pricing and Deposits

A deposit is placed at the time of your order and the remaining amount is due after the beef’s hanging weight has been received from the processor. 


$800.00 /whole beef ordered

$400.00 /half beef ordered

$200.00 /quarter beef ordered

2022 BEEF PRICES – Yearling Locker Beef

Our prices are:

$3.90/lb for a 1/4,

$3.75/lb for a 1/2 and

$3.60/lb for a whole. 

There is a $0.10/lb discount if you order and pay your deposit before December 31, 2021. 

Harvest will be from the 1st week of May to the 1st week of September. If you need beef sooner, see our boxed beef page. 
The butchers we use for our locker beef are Northwest Farm to Table in Post Falls and Dunham and Sons in Spokane Valley. Please let us know if you would like to use a different butcher. Thank you. 

The hanging weight of our cows is around 400-500 lbs. As always we will end up with some variation so please let us know if you prefer a lighter or heavier cow.

Here are some estimates at a 400 lbs weight: 

Whole: 400 lbs
400 lbs x $3.50 = $1,440

Half: 200 lbs
200 lbs x $3.65 = $750

Quarter: 100 lbs
100 lbs x $3.90 = $390

*To receive the early deposit discount, please have your deposits for 2022 in by December 31, 2021, thank you!

**Processing charges may change at the butcher’s discretion.

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