2023 Yearling Locker beef order page

Dear Customer

Thank you for your interest in Four E Farms beef!
We are now taking orders for 2023. The harvest dates will start the 3rd week of May. Orders will be set for the next available harvest date unless otherwise requested.

Please enter your contact information and what size of locker beef you would like.
All 1/4s will be a standard cut. (What is a standard cut?).

Our 2022 and 2023 prices are $3.90/lb for a 1/4, $3.75/lb for a 1/2 and $3.60/lb for a whole. 
Please see our pricing page if you would like more info: Pricing .
A deposit is due at the time of your order. $200 for a 1/4, $400 for a 1/2 and $800 for a whole.
Butcher fees are paid separately to the butcher at pick up.

If you would like a hide, hooves, head or stomachs, please let us know in the comment section and we can arrange for you to pick this up on the farm the day we process the animals.

Thank you,

Ron and Thammy

*** After you have filled in the form, click SUBMIT and then please SCROLL down and pay your deposit below. If you prefer to send a check, please let us know here. Thank you!***

Four E Farms Whole Locker Beef


Four E Farms 1/2 Locker Beef Deposit


Four E Farms 1/4 Locker Beef Deposit


Thank you for supporting your local farm! We hope you will love your beef.
Ron and Thammy Ensor

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