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Step by Step guide on Locker Beef

This incredible step by step guide on locker beef written by Katia is a must read if you are buying locker beef for the first time. In Lesson One, which you can find here, she explains the differences between USDA Inspected meat and custom… Continue Reading “Step by Step guide on Locker Beef”

Honey Bees

We all love honey bees, especially since they make one of our favorite foods, honey! One of the many benefits to using no chemicals on our hay is that we have a lot of visitors to our farms that are sensitive to chemicals. Our… Continue Reading “Honey Bees”

Giant Radish

Look at the size of this radish my husband dug out of our field yesterday. We put a cover crop of peas and radish in one of the fields that we pasture our cows in. Cover crops are great for increasing the soil health,… Continue Reading “Giant Radish”

Our Biological Extermination Squad

Jolene wanted to find lady bugs, no problem there, we have a lot of them here. Ron says there’s thousands in the hayfields this year. Since we do not use pesticides on our hayfields, we rely on them to eat pests. We love our… Continue Reading “Our Biological Extermination Squad”

Little Farm Girl

We would like to introduce our new little farm girl, Samantha Marion Ensor. Born July 18th right here on the family farm! She was supposed to be born at the birthing center in Spokane but she was in a hurry, so daddy got to… Continue Reading “Little Farm Girl”