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Calling all the Cows Home

Our cows aren’t being herded; they just follow us home. TURN UP THE VOLUME!

Why Four E Farms Beef?

We understand there is more to grass fed than just feeding them grass We understand the age of the animal makes a difference in quality We know how to raise top quality hay to feed during the winter We raise our cattle with a… Continue Reading “Why Four E Farms Beef?”

Ponderings of a Rancher

One thing about farming is that you have a tremendous amount of time to think while driving tractor, checking cows or walking the fields. Lately I find myself pondering people’s perception of agriculture and what truly should matter to the consumer and whether or… Continue Reading “Ponderings of a Rancher”

Nutrition Month

March is nutrition month. That’s where Four E Farms shines! Here at Four E Farms, we start raising nutritious beef by building healthy soils. It all started about 20 year ago when my husband decided he wanted to pass down a thriving farm with… Continue Reading “Nutrition Month”


Last summer we finally adopted some chickens. I had wanted chickens for many year, and though these are older girls, I was so excited. We only have 7, so it’s just for family use, but it’s made breakfast just so full of flavor. My… Continue Reading “Chickens”