It’s interesting how different cows have different parenting styles just like people. There’s the free range moms, the incredibly strict moms and even helicopter moms!

For example, some of our cows will stand in the middle of the pasture and moo as loud as they can and wait a few minutes. If their baby doesn’t come, she will either lay down to chew cud or move to the feeders to eat. They just figure their baby will show up when it’s hungry.

Others demand more discipline. We have one cow who we’ve observed mooing for her calf, then grumpily walk over to her calf and stick her nose right by his ear and moo loudly and scare the living daylight out of him and then she marched him back to the spot where she originally mooed for him before she’d let him eat.

We also have helicopter parents. There is one cow that would go frantic trying to find her baby if he’d wander off again and lay down to sleep elsewhere (and 100 calves is a lot of calves to search through). Eventually she and my husband came to an understanding. He’d tell her to stay right there and wait while he’d go find her baby. Being able to read the calves’ tags he was able to find her baby much faster. Eventually he found her baby and he’d holler “I FOUND HIM!!!” and sure enough, that cow raced right up to him at a full charge and came at a dead stop right in front of him and her baby and then loved on her baby. Once that relationship was established, she’d sometimes even moo a “HELP ME!” to my husband as soon he entered the pasture. Luckily for her, this year’s baby is a lot less flaky.

I love the variety of different personalities and mothers we have in our herd. Each and every one of them is special to us and teach us that there is more than one right way to raise a baby .


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