Nutrition Month

March is nutrition month. That’s where Four E Farms shines!

Here at Four E Farms, we start raising nutritious beef by building healthy soils. It all started about 20 year ago when my husband decided he wanted to pass down a thriving farm with healthy soils and nutrient rich pastures and hay fields to our children.

During the summer, when our cows are eating nutrient rich pasture grasses and herbs, we spend all day raising hay for our cattle. Since we raise our own hay for our cattle, we know exactly what is in our hay, how it’s raised, and make sure to put up a quality product. There’s more to grass fed beef then throwing them on a patch of grass. There are a large variety of different grasses, all with different nutrition levels. And there are also a large variety of soil types, all with different types of nutrient levels. We have spend many years picking the right grasses and building richer soils and are continuously working on making it better. The many years of research and work are paying off and provides you with a healthy, nutrient dense steak on your plate.


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