Why Four E Farms Beef?

  1. We understand there is more to grass fed than just feeding them grass
  2. We understand the age of the animal makes a difference in quality
  3. We know how to raise top quality hay to feed during the winter
  4. We raise our cattle with a gentle hand and do regular health checks
  5. We manage every step of the process from soil to birth to butcher
  1. Grass fed is best fed, no doubt about that. Feeding grains will cause inflammation in cattle and change the micro-organisms in their rumen.
    But no one seems to talk about what type of grasses are best or how they manage their soils so they have a high organic matter with thriving micro-organism populations.
    Bad grasses can give your steak an off flavor real quick. Here at Four E Farms we have gone through years of work to create healthy, living soils with highly palatable, nutrient rich grasses to for our cows to eat.

  2. Often grass-fed beef is harvested between 2 to 3 years old, yet most other animals, like pork are harvested at a much earlier age. We harvest our beef at 14-20 months old. During their first 8 months they are out on pasture with their mothers and playing with other calves. By the end of the summer they have grown and matured a lot. At this stage of their life they spend most of their days grazing and chewing cud and don’t rely much on their mother anymore. They are weaned in the fall and eat premium hay during the winter, still out on a pasture with plenty of space to roam around. In the spring our top heifers are chosen and placed with a bull to continue our best bloodlines. Our steers and remaining heifers go to feed American families like yours.

  3. We don’t buy local hay or even organic premium hay from far away. We raise our own hay because we want the best quality and the best nutrients. We didn’t start out wanting to raise local beef and then wonder what to feed them. We raised high quality hay for many years for local horse owners before raising local grass-fed beef and we have had many amazing reviews like the one shown below regarding the quality of our hay.

  4. We don’t use ropes or horses but rely on alleyways to direct cows into chutes. We also regularly interact with our cows to make them gentle and friendly so when we need to check on their baby, there is no stress for the cow or us.

  5. We manage every step of the way from soil to birth to butcher. This needs no extra explanation; we are just control freaks that want to ensure excellent quality every step of the way so that we get more amazing reviews from our customers, as shown below LOL


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